Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sleepless in Bloomington

That's me. I dozed off after about an hour of fitful try-sleep, and then woke up a while ago all hot and yuck-mouthed. 

What was the first thing I did? Attempted to drink the "mouthwash" in the hotel bathroom. In fact, this is not mouthwash but turquoise shampoo. Did the fact that the liquid did not pour right out of the bottle tip me off that something was amiss? Of course not. I sucked on the bottle so as to experience the awesomeness of a full mouth of shampoo at 1:30 in the freaking morning. 

I'm feeling brilliant right now. 

Things were pretty kickin' at the house today. Before I left for work about 9:00, they'd already made a huge mess of the front yard. When I return at lunch time to pick up my suitcase and ensure the puppies had not destroyed our new bedroom set, the mess was everywhere. If the house was a head and the lawn was shoulders, our house had a terrible case of shingle-dandruff. 

Totally cool with this. What I'm not cool with is the dudes who are doing the work leaving their half empty Mountain Dew bottles everywhere. Now, as a homeowner, if I want to leave crap all over my front porch for 3 months, that's my prerogative. But you, Mr. Questionably-Motivated-Roofer, you pick up your dang bottles. Grrrrrr. 

Tonight I had dinner with several representatives of Indiana University. I sat next to one gentleman in particular who, about 10 minutes into our conversation inspired me to say, "I LIKE you!" When he asked where I was from, I did the Michigan hand and he said, "So, Grayling." WHAT?! No one knows where Grayling is, especially just from the Michigan hand. Of course I countered with, "Grayling was actually one of the last reported Sasquatch sightings..." Sigh. I ruin conversations a lot with non-sequiturs like that. But they just thought it was funny, or humored me, and we had a lovely chat. What charming, intelligent, thoughtful people. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to meet people like this all over the state. I love Indiana. 

One week from right now, hopefully I'll be sleeping, but under the same roof will be my entire family--all six of us. As my sister and I, up till July, seemed to be making a pretty concerted effort to stay on opposite sides of the country, my whole family hasn't been together since Abby's wedding in August, 2007, where, let's be honest, there were quite a few distractions from family time. I'm very VERY excited for everybody to come and see the house, contribute some slave labor, and have a good time. We're purchasing a new Trivial Pursuit game especially for the visit. Also exciting is the fact that my doggie sister Maddie, whom I've never met, is coming, too. So in addition to having 6 people, we will also have three dogs, weighing a combined 200 pounds, 80 pounds of that being black fur. I furminated Yogi on Wednesday. He's shedding like a madman. I took more hair off of him than I thought possible. Eric got home and said, "Yogi looks thinner." 

Well, not that this hasn't been entertaining as hell, but I suppose I should try to get some sleep, seeing as my meetings start at 7:30 in the morning. It's nights like these that make me glad I have a blog. 

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