Thursday, October 2, 2008


Pixie unleashed a torrent of destruction never before seen at #2021. Her victims include:
  • Contents of a purse, including credit card
  • "The Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair" - back cover completely ripped off
  • ESPN Magazine
  • At least 3 pieces of junk mail

We MUST learn to put crap away. Speaking of crap, Pix also had a bit of an accident in the house. And the girl who let the pups out during the day cleaned it up, but then put it right in the garbage can. The kitchen smelled just lovely when I got home 4 hours later.

So, yeah, it's been a nice evening. 

In house news, the big work starts next Monday, which means a couple things: 1) it's going to be insane around here for the next two weeks or so, and 2) we are parting with a great deal of money. I'm a bit of a skinflint anyway, as Eric will attest, but I am having major problems spending money of this magnitude, though I understand fully that we'll get every dollar back in equity, value and prevention of other problems. But yes, fundamentally, I have a real problem with this. Plus, I'm more than a little freaked about the financial situation in general. 

Anyway, here's what we're doing:
  • New Roof: chose "Weathered Wood" color, which is a nice blend of brown, yellow, green. 
  • Gutters: Because we have none.
  • Replacing all rotten siding and trim wood: In general, things are really solid. But the contractor was here the other day and Eric said, "I want you to replace the water board" and the contractor said, "This thing is in perfect shape." And then he tapped it with his hammer and the hammer went right through it. Nice. 
  • Exterior Paint: Field Olive Green, Trim light yellow, and accent/sashes Dark Green.
Tonight, it's debate time. I know that all the pundits are saying that Joe Biden should just stick to facts and debate McCain, not Sarah Palin. But you know what? I hope he just destroys her. I'm all for women in government--hey, I'm one of them--but if you can't string words together to form a complete sentence, maybe you shouldn't be Vice President. No doubt she'll have her answers memorized and will do just fine. And while that happens, I'll be here, pulling my hair out and eating cold PopTarts and despairing.

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