Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh yeah

I forgot to post about my Saturday activity a couple weeks ago. How interesting it was...

As you may know from my previous entries, I have become somewhat of a runner. I'm not very fast, and I'm not particularly graceful while I'm doing it, but I can go a pretty far ways before feeling like I'm going to die. Well, two Saturdays ago, me and Ashlee ran the Jolly Jaunt 5K here in town, for the Special Olympics--to benefit the Special Olympics, I should say. I swear, they will close a road for anything in Boston.

Anyway, this was the first outside running I'd done since early October, when we did the 10K. And it was COLD. Like, maybe 20 degrees, and very windy. It was miserable. I loaded on pantyhose and winter weight running pants (this is a trick from my old cross-country skiing days), and then I had a long-sleeved t-shirt, a turtleneck sweater, and a fleece on top. Plus scarf, hat and gloves. I felt a little bit like Randy in The Christmas Story, running down the street unable to put my arms down.

So, we start off feeling good. Eric and Ash's boyfriend Brian were there to see us off (after which they went to get a coffee and missed our crossing the finish line. It was kind of a doghouse moment for the two of them, but we're over it). And then we get maybe a mile or so into the race and I start to get all wheezy. I keep running because it's the only way I'm staying even remotely warm. I'm disgusted with myself because not only is my nose snuffy, it's actually dripping and I've not brought any Kleenex, so my glove is covered in snot. AWESOME.

This 5K felt like an eternity, but it took us exactly 31 minutes to run 3.1 miles, which means we averaged 10 minute miles! I couldn't believe it. We're so studly.

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