Saturday, August 13, 2011


Someone at work yesterday said the word "margarita." Or actually, it might have been "limes." Anyway, since that moment, I have had margs on the brain. I used crappy tequila and a mix from a bottle, but tossed in a few strawberries, and darn it if this isn't the most delicious drink ever. :)

Things are interesting here at #2021. Little bunny continues to be a joy and a delight. She is a trip, and becoming more hilarious by the day. She learned to dance the other night, and entertained us this morning with some killer trick moves. She talks constantly, and is using some real words now--"night night" is a favorite, along with "see you later," "bye-bye," "hi," "puppy," and a bunch of others. Remember how I was despairing a while back about her refusal to say mama? Well, she says it now, and it's a lot like this:

I actually despite Family Guy, but this one paints a pretty accurate picture.

It's thundering rather dramatically out there right now, but no rain yet. It is dry as a bone out there. We have mowed our lawn once since June. Of course, we don't mow all that much even when it does rain because we're THAT house. Yes, you know the one. But it makes little sense right now to kick up dust and disturb the cicadas simply to cut down that one weed that has managed to grow three feet tall during a drought. Sigh.

Eric is making pretty dramatic progress on the house, but that is the next post. For now, I leave you with a shot of the little monkey making her escape with pigtails.


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