Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Here's the beautiful ceiling! Like the Sistene Chapel, except out of beadboard, right? I was totally right--it's taking forever to paint. This is just primer, too. 

Here's another shot of the dormer. Eric built that platform, and we found some nice laminate flooring for it. He's going to put his drafting table up there. 

I realized that I never posted a picture of the "finished" half bathroom. We still need to hang the mirror, but it somehow lost a hook. Excuses, excuses...

Finally, here is the Yog-man with his new haircut. He's feeling very confident. Is that a handsome puppers or what?!

1 comment:

NV said...

Awesome! I love me some beadboard. (Of course, it either IS or WILL BE in every room of our house except the LR and DR.)

I know what you mean about Lowe's and HD. I wrote a while back that if you do any amount of DIY, you will at one time or another, hate one or both. It's inevitable.

What a sweet baby! Love thatface.