Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I spent most of the day messing around on my computer, making Christmas presents and watching stupid videos. Here we are--prime Sunday house-improvement time--and we did not take advantage of it. I don't feel bad. 

I haven't been posting very much for a couple reasons. One is that I've been crazy busy the last couple weeks, or at least it feels like it. Second is that I feel very boring. Third is that there's a bit of a moratorium on big house projects until after the New Year. Must get through Christmas before starting a new task.

Eric did get some work done up in the attic yesterday. He's such a trooper. You see, if I was assigned this duty, I would probably just not do it. But Eric approached the task of stuffing about 12 bags of loose insulation into the kneewalls of the attic with gusto. Notice the ski goggles... That's dedication, folks. He found a mummified mouse, which he told me to take downstairs. I said no.

We spent a good deal of time Furminating and then cuddling with the puppies, who are both getting very excited about visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Michigan next week. We are, too. Eric gets to go back to Boston for a visit next weekend (free plane ticket!) while I get to stay home and work and watch the kids. I may paint our bedroom, too. Eric is obsessed with chocolate brown for our walls, so we'll see how it looks. Might be nice. Might also be  cave-like. That's why I like paint--never permanent. 

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